When it comes to Internet hosting, cloud architecture refers to using a different server for each and every aspect of the Internet hosting service. Such a setup results in better performance since one machine will be used just for file storage, another just for running databases, etcetera, so different system processes will not run on the very same machine. The latter will minimize the probability of system errors considerably and will allow your Internet sites to run faster, not mentioning the greater uptime. If you're looking for such a service, it is important to double check that you will really get it since numerous companies advertise cloud hosting plans, but the control panels they use aren't designed to work in a genuine cloud and can function only on one server. The issue with using a single machine is that in case one service crashes or generates high load, the whole server will most likely go offline, so your sites will no longer be accessible.

Genuine Cloud Architecture in Hosting

Each and every shared web hosting package that we offer is created on our cutting-edge cloud platform, so you can take full advantage of this setup. Individual clusters of hosting servers will handle your files, databases, e-mail messages, stats, Control Panel, etc, and we can keep attaching machines to each cluster which requires them. The Hepsia Control Panel that you will get to take care of your new account is custom-made and it was developed exclusively for multi-domain cloud internet hosting, so there'll be nothing that could limit you from using the whole potential of our genuine cloud platform. Since we also use ZFS-based storage and SSD drives, our shared web hosting service will give your websites the speed and reliability which you need as we've virtually eliminated any downtime of our servers.

Genuine Cloud Architecture in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated server accounts are created on a genuine cloud platform, which allows us to provide for real all the unrestricted features that we offer. We don't have just a separate machine for your files and / or databases - instead, we've employed whole clusters of servers which handle each part of the web hosting service, so if a feature is listed as unrestricted, it truly is. Our custom configuration allows us to add more machines to each cluster that needs them and we have a large number of clusters for improved overall service - for files, databases, usage statistics, e-mail messages, logs, Control Panel, etc. All of the machines that make up a cluster are redundant, so your websites will be functioning all the time. The Hepsia Control Panel, that was created by our developers, was designed for multi-domain cloud hosting, so it will boost your user experience and will not reduce the effectiveness of our platform as almost every other control panel would.